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I expect that he will help us. She used to play tennis with him. How many pencils do you have? Why are you looking so sad? Smile! OK then, I'll pick you up a little earlier and we can go to the Thai restaurant next to the theater, is that OK? Could you tell us something about yourself? We are happy. Hold your tongue! Tom wants to go to Japan.
Bso Crepusculo: - Sorry, I don't have a pencil.
- I guess you'll need some help.
- Is this your book?
- Good afternoon.
- I'm looking for a bag for my wife.
- The news made her very sad.
- Study English every day.
- Open the window.
- I am a student, but he isn't.
- Everybody in the park looked up at the hot air balloon.
Let's go. How about tomorrow night? Write with a ballpoint pen. How was your night? She has known him for a long time. I felt very happy. Did you hear Bill got fired yesterday? Mary is sitting at the desk. It's north of here. Where did you live last year?

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